What are the benefits of refinancing?

There can be many benefits to refinancing, such as getting a lower interest rate, getting a longer repayment term or even consolidating your debts.

Some people may refinance in order to get a lower monthly payment. Others may do it to shorten the length of their mortgage term, or to consolidate high-interest debt into one low monthly payment. Whatever the reason, refinancing can be a great way to save money and get ahead on your mortgage.

Consolidate your high-interest debt

Refinancing your home to consolidate debt can be a great way to save money and get ahead on your mortgage. By combining your high-interest debt into one low monthly payment, you can save money on interest and get out of debt faster.

Lower your monthly payment

Refinancing a mortgage can lower the monthly payment by getting a new loan with a lower interest rate. This can save you money in the long run and make your monthly payments more affordable.

Shorten the mortgage term

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to lower your monthly payment and pay off faster? With refinancing, you can save money in the long run by getting an even better interest rate on new loans. This will make those payments go further!

Make Home Improvements

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, refinancing a mortgage can be a great option. You can use the money from the refinancing to make home improvements, which can add equity to your home and make it more valuable. Some common home improvements that can increase the value of a home include remodeling the kitchen or bathroom

Get the Right Loan for Your Situation

When it comes to finding the right loan, it’s important to consider your individual situation. There are a variety of loan options available, and the ideal one for you will depend on factors such as your income, your debts, and your financial goals. By taking the time to understand your needs, you can make sure you choose the loan that’s right for you. We do this in three steps:


It all starts with an initial 30-60 conversation during which time I learn how I can best help you. Assuming your goals are attainable, you’ll be given an invitation to answer a brief questionnaire that will provide me with information that empowers me to find the ideal loan for your situation.


I review the loan options that would be best suited based upon the information you provided during the previous step. This is a critical step as this is where we decide which loan program will be used to secure your home purchase.  


Once you decide to move forward with a loan program of your choosing, I work diligently and efficiently with all interested parties to insure a smooth transaction. To this extent, I, along with my processor and lender, make sure all conditions are met such that you’re able to obtain a loan.

See what they’re saying.

As a mortgage consultant, I have had the pleasure of working with many clients over the years. Some of the most memorable feedback I have received has been from past clients. Here are a few testimonials that I am proud to share:

Chiquita Wilson
Chiquita Wilson
Chris is very experienced at what he does which allowed for me to feel prepared and supported through my journey as a first time home buyer! Chris not only listened to my needs but he also provided tools and resources to help me better comprehend each phase of the process, which I needed. His business colleague Alicia was also fantastic to work work with. She was helpful, friendly and efficient. Both Chris and Alicia provided high quality professionalism and service. I would highly recommend working with them. I will be calling Chris for future home purchases!
Kind, friendly and made the whole process seamless.
Marcia Grant
Marcia Grant
I worked with Chris Hudson in 2009 to refinance my home and had a great experience. This year, I wanted to take advantage of the low interest rates. While I belong to both a bank and a credit union, I knew that I wanted Chris to manage this refinance. Chris offered the same level of professionalism, knowledge and guidance as before. Moreover, he provided several videos, customized for my transaction, as well as a few other videos with darned good information about the lending process. As an educator, I appreciated the opportunity to become a more informed homeowner and consumer. In addition, the user-friendly digital tools that Chris made available for document submissions and obtaining signatures were super-convenient for my travels and busy schedule. However, what I appreciated most about Chris’s stellar service was his attentiveness; his prompt responses to my questions and his willingness to keep me informed, secured my trust in his abilities. I am pleased to share that we completed a cash-out refi this month and that the process proved simple and straightforward. I will definitely use Chris for future mortgage transactions and I recommend making him your mortgage professional!
Dawood Fonrose
Dawood Fonrose
Man!!! I cant explain how easy he made it for us. Chris is honestly one of the best at his job. He made everything so simple for me and my wife during this refinancing process. If I wasn’t so SLOW at responding to couple of his emails he probably would of had everything wrapped up in less than half of the time lol. He comes highly recommended by us! Once again Mr. Hudson, thank you for making this process so easy for us!
F Avalos
F Avalos
Working with Chris was amazing! When I started thinking to buy a house I meet a couple of brokers but I got the feeling they were so aggressive and I did not wanted to share my personal information with everybody. Then I was very lucky to meet Chris, Chris was very respectful of my information, he just requested a few data and I was pre-approved. He guided me through all the process, when something was not clear Chris helped me to understand what was happening. Making and offer for a house is hard, so Chris worked directly with my Agent and he told me the pros and cons, and make some recommendations on the decisions I had to take, the decisions were mine but it is better to make informed decisions. After we got the offer accepted Chris just did his magic and I got my keys, all I can say is thanks Chris for all your hard work to make this happen!
Tiana Jones-Bey
Tiana Jones-Bey
Chris was heaven sent! I really thought purchasing a home was going to be near impossible for me but Chris made it happen! He helped me every step of the way and guided me through the process. He was very thorough, answered all my questions and ensured that I was comfortable and well informed. He was very responsive and listened to my needs. I truly appreciate him for helping my family find a home and making home ownership possible for me! I would highly recommend him to friends and family!
Laurie Newman Aston
Laurie Newman Aston
I must comment on my recent refi experience with Chris Hudson. It has been fabulous!! I have had the opportunity to engage in this process 5 times over the years and one of the challenges has been my self employed status. I shared this up front with Chris, not wanting to waste his time or mine. He was open to gathering all of the facts and moving forward optimistically with a package that worked for my very specific needs. I could not be more pleased with his professionalism and especially his responsiveness. His willingness and ability to articulate the process via all modes - phone, text, email and video was extremely helpful in allowing me to understand all of the intricacies of this financial process and which option was the best suited for my needs. So many want to offer you the moon and then drag drag drag for "just one more document". I have always dreaded this process but my view has changed working with Chris because of his stellar service! I highly recommend that you reach out to Chris the next time you are in need of a someone to assist with refinancing or purchasing property. Definitely giving him 10 stars.
Debra Eison
Debra Eison
I was referred to Chris Hudson by my daughter and her husband. He handled their refinancing and they were impressed with his responsiveness and attention to details. I contacted Chris about refinancing my home, and I also found him to be very professional. My technological skills are less than perfect, and Chris happily allowed me to turn in paperwork the old school way, rather than uploading it. However, the online capabilities makes the process even more seamless and time efficient. I highly recommend Chris Hudson for your refinancing needs.
Vanessa vega
Vanessa vega
We have worked with Chris for the past ten years, thru multiple home purchases and refinancing. He has become in a sense business family, takes the time to get to know what we need and what we are looking to do in the future. I appreciate his dedication and would recommend him a million times over!
Justice Bolden
Justice Bolden
The moniker “Broker For Life” should be synonymous with Chris Hudson when it comes to purchasing a home or investment property in California. Rather you’re purchasing or refinancing, if you’re in California I highly recommend Chris. My wife and I were both first-time home buyers and mostly novice when entering the home buying process, but after meeting Chris we quickly realized we met a broker who truly understands how to break down the financial side of purchasing a home, investing in yourself, in our case investing in both our family’s future and real estate. Chris’ platform allowed for us to engage in the process via a touch-less environment where we rarely physically needed to be in-person with anyone. In fact, the only time we saw someone in-person for 15 or more minutes on the financial side, was when we met with the notary to sign the papers and close on our home. Chris a offers a service where all of the numbers associated with purchasing are presented in a clear and concise manner so that the buyer is educated throughout the process. We were able to take advantage of an incredible interest rate that Chris was able to obtain in a very transparent fashion. We always truly felt Chris was giving us the most accurate and up-to-date information. I would like to emphasize how much I enjoy talking to others about how memorable the experience was working with Chris.

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